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Originally Posted by redhemi03 View Post
no, i have never used them nor have i heard of anybody i know using them, i might look into that . I will be pulling my front sway bar, dropping my truck with the 2/4.5 drop kit with belltech drop shocks up front and rancho rs9000xl adjustable shocks in the rear. At the same time i will be installing the aem wideband with the srt10 pillar . Im pretty excited about all that shit!!!!!! And if my bonus is big enough i will be picking up the nitrous outlet hemi plate kit and looking for a solid high 7 1/8 mile this fall. Good thing this truck hooks on dr's
Wide band pillar for extra gauges sry not sure of this importance? Wrote up a long explantion and lost it starting over...stupid me! Okay, whether you run 13's or 7's If you had a set up like the 4th gen Ram you wouldn't be loosing traction like you do using a leaf spring setup. 4TH gen Rams are similar to 4 link setups with the exception of the oem non adjustable upper and lower control arms with rubber bushings and no state of the art complicated adjustments. Ladder bars work like 4 links only with a rigid 2 link but without adjustable preload or upload settings. Preload meaning when your front comes up and weight is applied on the rearend. Upload meaning the front comes down and the weight is lifted off the rearend. Correct setting are critical in 4 link rearends but when dialed in you're gonna start snapping're gonna hook up. Finding the sweet spot sort of speak. K....traction bars help prevent twisting on leaf spring rearends with an added bonus similar to a pinion snubber. A pinon snubber only helps with your preload meaning when the front end comes up and transfers the weight to the rear (you're gonna hook up). It's like all the weight of your truck suddenly on your rearend. But it does nothing to help prevent axle twisting. In your case these new adjustable shocks you are talking about if set to softer levels would help especially with a pinion snubber or traction bars. You need a couple of inches of loose shock sort of speak for any of these to work properly. Rigid as in my 4th gen stiff coils is garbage, it needs two inches of soft top part of the spring. Okay, 4 link is best, 4th gen imo is second to best, ladder bars is 3rd as a cheapie 4 link only with 2 links. Traction bars is next followed by a pinion snubber as a cheapie traction bar. Not to diss 3rd gen leaf springs but any 4 link specialist will tell you that the coil spring rearend is ideal for traction. However, if I were to replace my stiff springs with adjustable coil overs it would be better off. I hope you can understand this garbage, some may be misspoken but you should get the message. If I were you, I would do a quick read on 4 links vs ladder bars while in the middle of these mods. You'll imediately see new ideas for yourself running all through head. Anyway, you definitely have a handle on it....I salute you ~S~
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