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Default Another Ecoboost Quits

Another EB tried to slip one past me by not telling me his intentions. As usual I ready for these wanna be Ram killer thrill seekers. I had my window down while at the stop light. And as usual I was ready for him to do what the last three trucks tried to do. I'm watching this dude laughing and talking smack and looking at my truck. Light turned green and I gave him the jump just in case he wasn't thinking what I thought he was thinking...and he was! Man I heard this guy floor his truck and as I look at them they are laughing. Well those big smiling faces were very short lived. Looking directly at them at half throttle or so I floored it and immediately went from their exhaust at my side to his font bumper at my rear. At a quick two truck lead this sob shuts down. I'm only about half way through first...yeah that quich that bad! So I slow down and ease up at 40 and he stayed back a few trucks. I like let's finish this race man. So we catch another light my window down... I said I about had enough of you EB guys giving up a race you started. He said race??? I thought man I want to smack this guy. You EB guys are some fake sonsabitches. Sorry but the guy flat out lied to me...he lost so he going to pretend he wasn't racing. I told him, you guys talk all this $$$$ on your forums now here's a Ram that just beat you. Make sure you go to you forum and tell them you just got your a$$ whipped by a Hemi. By then we were in traffic so any chances of racing was null. I'm at work so I'll have finish this later.
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