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I'm home truck is lighter than these guys but I'm not the one picking the races. Just want to say, I don't look at this as a big deal because I'm so much lighter. But damn, this is the fourth EB that has picked a fight and quit. This was the worst one, he gave up as soon as I passed him. But I heard this guy loud and clear full throttle off the line. I didn't hit mine till I saw his exhaust at my side. Like I said, I'm not the one who picked the race. I watched them all bowed up laughing and posturing for the light to change...sneaky little $***, lol! I left some stuf out because I was on my phone when I posted that...too much hassle. After he realised he made a fool out of himself in front of his freind he started to turn off in the left lane. I'm like NOT AGAIN! I stuck my arm out the window and flagged him. It wasn't till I gave his truck a thumbs down that he changed his mind and came up. But he stopped short of that too. he acted as if he was going to come up to my side but he stayed back a few trucks. When I came up to an intersection I turned left and he followed. I slowed down around the turn and waited for him. First thing I said, don't run off...lets finish. Windows are down mine and his passengers, I said 123 go...I don't think he went. It didn't look like it, I gave his passenger a good driffting and squealing through first into second and shutting down show for nothing. So then we caught the next light dead stop...and told him how tired I was of the EB people giving up a race they start. Then he said race??? Now I'm going to look for this guy on the Ford forums. Silver pretty shinny paint but that's all and green EB badge. In case I see him it was on a street callyd Cypress which we later turned on to Ruth. I wasn't a smarta$$ to him...just straight up as polite as I could.. In the end he knows he lost..he eventually took off all mad in the left lane ahead of me while I was stuck in traffic. You can believe he was telling his friend at the first light to watch me kick the guys a$$. I saw his face, I could read his anger caused from loosing. The kid digging my truck then, I could see that too. He knows I beat his friend and I know he was impressed. I had my video on my phone at the ready the second time but it din't happen. EDIT: I forgot...this is the first time I ever got to see any of their faces. Felt good to see the misery in his eyes...awfull good!

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