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Originally Posted by Yankee View Post
ZINC....I ordered mine 6/22...had no idea re the VOTS system, or anything other than a casual remark by the sales mgr that Id get emails when the thing was being built and ready for shipment...I "discovered" the VOTS SYSTEM on 7/15, placed several calls to DODGE, managed (after some rather interesting calls) to get the VOD (dealer probably had it all along)...and started getting emails. THAT day I got one, on 7/16 I got TWO....then i discovered they may not be up to date, so I decided to call about once a week....and discovered that the VOTS system is, to put it as kindly as possible, somewhat behind the "real world"....pick up the phone, and get your VOTS and/or last 8 of your VIN.....either from the dealer, or better yet DODGE, you may not like what you see/ may decide its perfectly fine to sit and wait and know nothing...your choice..good luck...
Well i called and they told me that they are picking parts for my truck as we speak. it is supposed to be assigned a VIN in 3-4 days. she told me to call back if i didn't receive an email by monday
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