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Originally Posted by brandonjansen View Post
Did your kit come with the new style sway bar links or the old style? There are two different ones... If you snap a quick picture I'll be able to tell.

I've followed along with the problems you've been having with the RCX kit and there's a couple points I feel need to be said regarding your experience and these issues. I'm not trying to call you out completely but that part of it will be there as well as a warning to other people who might order this kit and install it themselves.
First off, do your research. Before you ordered the kit you should have known that the diff drop brackets and front drive shaft spacer are different for a 2012 than a 2009-2011. You should have been aware of the different part numbers for the two kits as well. That way when it showed up at your door you would have been able to tell if it was correct or not before you ever opened up the box.
Second, if you don't know anything about suspension setup, pinion angles and all that it probably isn't the smartest idea to be installing your own kit. Yes everyone expects the kit to come with the right stuff and just bolt up and work. But it's not always like that. When you're doing such a big mod like a suspension lift you need to know a little bit about how that all works. If you would have known some more info on pinion angles you would have known it was wrong as soon as you installed it. Both on the front and back.
Third, if you know there's a problem with your truck after installing a mod, don't just ignore it and drive the truck anyway. Get under there and find out what the problem is. I still have no idea why the rear control arms that came with the kit didn't work for you... that seems really odd to me. But the fact that you knew there was a problem and still drove it which wrecked your U-joints is 100% your own fault.

So again, I'm not trying to start a huge argument here or anything. I'm just saying that lots of the problems you have had easily could have been prevented. And there are people out there that need to know that IMO... so that's why I'm posting this. Yes there's always the possibility of issues when you're doing a mod like a suspension lift. But there are TONS of guys running the RCX kit that have absolutely no problems at all. I don't think it's fair to be completely throwing RCX under the bus like that when some of the problems you've been having are your own fault.
knowing len and the truck i think youre wrong here bud, he did everything he could have done, people dont have time to check part numbers lol well atleast i know i dont and neither does len. it was installed by a recognized shop... an actual suspension shop.... the kits are shit no doubt about it. wait and see youve been lifted for how long? ive had mine in for well over a year now and it slowly starts to get worse. luckily i havent had as bad as luck as len lol. you seem to know your parts and all that shit pretty good but clearly havent done much testing with lifts or had many lifts.

Originally Posted by 2012ramsportellis View Post
First off I ordered the correct kit for the 2012 324s kit which still came with the wrong brackets ! ,my lift was installed by a local rcx rep shop , and also I fought with rcx for 3 weeks to get them to tell me they had a 3rd set of diff brackets for the 2012 . so I did all the research and they still fuxxed me over . it not like they owned up it right away I was left to pay for the install of all the parts my self . So they were well aware of the problem with the front diff brackets were wrong for the 2012 kit . since this I know of several people that had these issues , if it wasn't for my dad being a mechanic I would most likely would have ruined my front diff if I had left the front brackets in place du to lack of oil lubrication the front diff bearings since it was pointed up so high , and rcx recommended I leave the brackets with the 324s kit installed even though they went threw the process of engineering another 3rd set of diff drop brackets for the 2012 kit . So yes I feel all the right to diss RCX when it comes to this kit you pay for a product u expect to get something that's not only looks good but functions correctly also . As for the rear well this is another common issue with the 2012-2013 . I have had several pm's on this issue most people contribute it the pinion angle which in my case was to high , after adjusting the new adjustable control I was able to get it a lot better but even to this day I still have a shutter in my rear drive shaft that I have no choice to live with . And as for driving my truck while I had the shutter well when u have a $50000 truck its nice to be able to drive it ,I had no choice I had to get to and from work even with the shutter , . Most people that get in there truck and don't understand anything about whats going on back there may have never noticed the issue . Bottom line RCX hasn't done enough real world testing on this kit on the rams , I highly doubt RCX actually put this kit on a truck and drove it for 50000kms or so and noted the problems that came up . This has been nothing but a headache and I worry whats to come . And in my opinion none of these problems were my fault ! I am sure if u went threw this u would completely understand .. But again thats your opinion which in most cases is better kept to yourself !
hey Len make sure you check in with the kid from bc next time you have an issue cause he has an answer for everything
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