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It's ALIVE!!! Ripp 0-60 Run on my Trinity

Along with my Edge 3K stall she shoots out of the hole like a rocket,
Burned off a whole tank yesterday cruising around, still gets 20 mpg highway

Dont ask about City cuz I'm a lead foot.
On the way home I thought I'd do a quick 0-60 test on my Trinity,
Keep in mind, Heat soaked temps after running all afternoon in 75-80 heat
coolant temp and oil temp 180, intake air about 15 over ambient (95F)

Heavy 305/50R20 Terra Grapplers on stock 20' (about 95lbs per corner)
3.55 stock gears, RCSB 4x4 transfercase in 4-Auto (AWD) so full traction
Just a chirp from the tires and the front grabs and goes at full throttle launch.
Stock shift points 5600rpm

My first pull was 4.41 seconds,
launched Hard and even chirped into 2nd in AWD!
unfortunately I cleared it before I could snap a pic.

Made another run so I could grab a quick pic to post.

Once I mount my 4 little 28" Drag Radials get in track trim and raise my shift points
she should run close to high 3's, Can't wait to see some track slips.

New MGH Trans could be going in this weekend
New fuel pump on order (Aeromatic Stealth 340)
my CMR Dyno tuner wont run it until my pump gets upgraded,
He says the stocker is maxed out at that HP when she hits about 5600 rpm.

I tried some roll on 4th gear pulls on the highway and its pulling like a Freight Train on the top end too.

Murdered.. Lowered.. Alcohol Injected ..Blowered! 500WHP

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