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Originally Posted by WIKD RAM View Post
Alright, I have heard many an argument over mufflers and flow rates and which exhaust system is best. I want an honest discussion from someone who knows their stuff on this subject.
I will give my thoughts below

I hear the Magnaflow fans rave about the "wide open" design and how much it flows.
I hear the Flowmaster fans talk about backpressure and scavenging of exhaust gases.
Back pressure is something that is required for a 2 stroke, Look at race cars, straight exhausts with low restriction. The easier the engine can breathe in and out the more efficient it will be. Scavenging is more for pipe size and length selection.

U hear Dynomax fans claim that their mufflers are the best...
Honestly, unless you are doing a full smooth wall mandrel bend (no compression in the bends true duel from the headers, it is somewhat irrelevant. You are changing parts for sound and slight performance.
For instance; look at the Ram 1500 Sport, it has 2 headers, that go to a collector and into one 3" pipe, then into a muffler that splits it into 2 2.25" pipes and separates it. Along the way there is a Cat, a stock Y pipe that one side drops to 1.5" a stock muffler, and 2 resonators.

So someone please help me out. What good does a super, high flow muffler do on an engine that isn't a 500HP+, all out race motor?
They are all better than stock, it is really a sound preference.

Will you lose low end torque with a more open muffler?
Even if you did, it is very unlikely that you would notice it. Mufflers are made to reduce noise, or muffle it, they are not made for performance. Performance mufflers are made to be better than stock. They will flow air better but be louder. Mufflers on race cars are there to help meet noise restrictions set in place on certain tracks.

How exactly does exhaust scavenging work and what are the benefits?
It is the selection of pipe size and length to create an almost vacuum effect that helps the exhausts come out faster and increase performance. We are talking about a straight muffler swap here and as you mentioned your goals are >500HP on a V8, it really does not matter.

I will make it known now that I am a Flowmaster man. I have had Flows on everything that I have ever owned and have one on my 2006 Hemi now. But I am open to something else if someone can PROVE to me that one muffler or the other is truly better or worse.
If you like the sound of the Flowmasters, then go with it. What "sounds good" is a personal preference.

My truck is stock, save the muffler, FOR NOW. I will not be racing it. I will not be pulling stumps or hauling bulldozers with it. It is just a daily driver that I plan on throwing a few bolt on mods in the near future. (CAI, programmer, etc)

So what is best or better for a stock Hemi? A Borla race muffler that flows 1100 cfm is great, but what good does that do me with a stock motor?

The key is the balance between your performance goals and budget.
You are mentioning an exhaust (muffler) for now, and possibly an intake and programmer for later. Using it for daily driving, a bit of a work and impressing you and your friends butt dynos. Correct?

My suggestion is this:
Start with a Muffler, you can change resignators, midpipe, Y pipe (X-Pipe for true duels), high flow Cat, headers etc later.

Intake, honestly, from what I have seen a K&N Drop in is the best bang for the buck, and a Vararam is the best performance with the possibilities of snow and water issues.

Programmer, this will yield you the best results, but will work best with the above.

Hope this helps, I think that most people are like you. They want some upgrades but don't really care about making high HP numbers.

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