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Whether we like it or not, the 1500 is considered a light duty truck and as such has limitations to what the suspension and drive train can handle. Pushing it beyond the recommendations of the manufacture in ways that void the vehicle warranty always has to be assessed by its risk, benefits and costs.

I plow with my 3500 not my 1500 because my 3500 was designed to be able to plow, my 1500 was not. Just as I pull my hay wagon with my horses and not my dogs. Sure I could load the wagon light, give my dogs some caffeine, tie a cat to the end of a stick, and it might work. But doesn't make it a great idea if I care about my dogs. Regardless of what you ask on these forums there will always be some who think its a good idea and others that say it isn't. Sometimes I swear I asked if I hooked a hang glider to back of my ram, if it would fly.....someone would say "yep, done it, works great". So you will always have to look at answers with a grain of salt and determine for yourself what you are willing to risk vs the reward.

Using a 4th gen 1500 for plowing comes into the area of what I think as "more likely than not". Based on design limitations of the light duty truck you are more likely than not to cause some kind of damage to your truck. Which is why the manufacturer recommends against it. Sure you could be careful, only plow a few inches at time, but the simple catching of a lip of the plow is more likely that not to damage frame/suspension on a 1500.

Even though my statement of "don't think its a good idea" is echoed by the manufacturer, its is nothing more than just another opinion based on my own risk/benefit assessment. I don't think its any more valid than anyone else's opinion here as everyone makes their own risk/benefit decisions. So I figure I would at least explain how I go around my risk/benefit assessment for my mods as that is the only way I think I could add value here.

I have a CAI and a catch can on my 1500. Neither are carb compliant, which means I know I am more likely than not to fail a visual inspection and will have to remove them prior to vehicle sale or detailed inspection. Removal and reinstallation doesn't take that long, so for me the benefits of the mods outweigh the risk and potential future cost (my time to remove them). By the same measure I won't do a cat delete on my 1500. As I am more likely than not to fail a visual inspection and a failure of visual inspection for CATs comes with a potential $2500 fine, and the benefits of the CAT delete doesn't (for me) outweigh the potential fine and or time to put CAT's back in. If you had the money laying around to pay the fine, or had minions on hand to swap your CATs in and out, then you might delete them as your risk/benefit assessment would be different than mine.

By the same measure, damage to the front frame rails and/or IFS on the front of the 1500 are very pricey repairs. Which means that by trying to push the 1500 pasts its recommended limitations you would need to figure out the benefit, risks, and costs. Is the benefit of being able to plow with the 1500 worth the risk and potential costs associated with invalidating your drivetrain warranty and or repairing the frame or suspension? That is a personal decision you have to make for yourself. As othesr have decided the benefits were worth the risks, and others (such as myself) decided it wasn't.
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