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Sounds to me like his Solenoid Switch Valve (SSV) may be stuck. The SSV controls oil flow from the LR solenoid, routing it to the LR clutch (in 1st gear) or the Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) in 2nd gear and higher. I'll bet the SSV is stuck in the LR position, so when the TCM tries to apply the TCC (at 60 mph), he instead gets the LR clutch on (which will act like a huge brake and lock up the rear wheels). This will only happen for an instant, because when the TCM sees the LR pressure switch close, it will realize the SSV is stuck, and will turn the LR solenoid back off. But then it should also set a P1776 fault code (SSV Latched in the LR Position), and should disable the TCC, so the same thing shouldn't recur until the next key start.

So see if he has a P1776 fault, or has some other fault. If he has P1776, then he may just need to drop the valve body and clean the SSV to unstick it. If he has some other fault(s), post 'em here and we'll take it from there.
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