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Sure, I'll bite. I work as a fire fighter/EMT. Here are some of my Peaves.

When I roll up in front of the Highrise building, with loud alarms coming from every corner of the building, and make my way to the 12th floor, Please don't poke your head out the door and ask me if there is a fire. The alarms are ringing......The Fire Dept. is should not be. Please evacuate your suite.

If there is a fire in a house and we are fighting it from the outside with a hose line. Please don't scream at me and point to where the fire is..........I have been doing this for 12yrs. I am a professional, I know what fire looks like.

If you call 911 and ask for help, don't be beligerant to the people there to help you. They really are there for your well being.

And my favorite. If you see a really large red truck truck in your rearview mirror. One that has 20 different strobe lights and a airhorn. And it is trying to get past you. Please pull over to the right and slow down. This may come as a surprise.......but the people we are on our way to see are more important than you being in the left lane to make your turn 4 blocks up.
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