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Originally Posted by newramkid View Post
So I have researched the 2013/14 1500's for quite a while now. I am pretty comfortable with my knowledge of the truck. I would easily buy sight unseen.

My problem is my knowledge of the market. The last new car I bought was in 1991.

A little background: From posts here and in the 2013 forum I have fought pretty hard with dealers to attain 3% off of invoice. Talking with dealers in and out of the state I finally found one that accepted 3% below invoice and a low dealer fee.
Most of the problem is that (I believe) they have me over a barrel because I know I will be ordering a '14 Limited with my options and color. What I want simply wasn't around for the '13s and I am ready to pull the trigger on a '14.

Fast forward to now: 1 dealer out of ~20 has accepted my terms with relatively low easy? The dealer has fairly poor sales reviews, a couple instances of bait & switch reported on their reviews.
I have requested price matching so far from other dealers (as a backup in case the first is a bust). So far, no takers. One has gotten back to me with a refusal and the others are mum for now.

My OCD is kicking inand I am wondering 'why this was so easy'

I guess my main questions are: what do I need to watch out for on sale day? Can you good folks recommend a 'how to' study guide? I know I can simply walk away, just trying to cover my bases. 49k isn't chump change and I don't want to get ripped off too awful bad!

You know what to do, have them email/fax you all the paperwork you need to sign. That way you have a record of it, that way you are 100% sure it's legitimate. If they have any hesitation, then you have your answer.
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