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Newramkid, I may be going against the tide here, but, respectfully, I think you are approaching this entire deal incorrectly. It seems your focus, as it is with soooo many folks, is to search until you find dealers that will meet your crazy low price expectation. While my thought is that you should ease up on your invoice minus 3% requirement, and instead seek out (near or far, but the closer the better) the most honest, righteous, principled, upstanding, ethical dealer you can find.

You may go to a dealer many times while you own a vehicle (service, repair, maybe even car washes), but you only really need and rely on them twice. Once when you purchase, and perhaps once when the sh_t hit s the fan and there is a catastrophic problem with the truck.

If you really have read this forum then you know this happens from time to time. It just happened to me. I was sure glad I chose the right dealership, because when we discovered a paint defect that was not initially visible (along the underside edge of the hood), but could only be remedied by repainting the affected body panels, I put my foot down and said that was not an acceptable solution. The body shop said that RAM would cover it following the lengthy claim process.

Two days later the dealership called and said that this was their problem, and it will not be my problem. Come in, order a new 2014 Limited, and continue to drive the my now 2 week old 2013 Limited until it arrives. No costs to me of course. They even put $100 + worth of gas in my truck for the trouble of making two trips to the dealer (4 miles from my home).

I may not have gotten invoice minus 3%, but my deal was acceptable. But they were there when I needed them. Others have battled for months and months and months, and still have not gotten satisfaction.

Set your priorities in order. Do not pay MSRP, but give at least a little leeway to your price negotiation if you have found a conscientious dealer that will stand with you if there is a problem down the road. Just my 2 cents.

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