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Exclamation Need Help with my 99 before I set it on fire

Sorry for the super lengthy post, but I want to be as detailed as possible...

I have a 1999 Dodge Ram Laramie 4x4 Quad Cab 5.9L, has 230k+ miles. Early June I found my A/C Compressor wasn't plugged in. So I plugged it in, charged the system and had Ice Cold Air. Two days later, my battery was dead. Had it tested, and it needed replaced. Got a new battery, installed it and was good to go. Not sure if this was where the problem started, but I noted it just in case it may have been.

A Couple weeks later, as I was leaving work, my truck wouldn't start. It cranked and cranked but no start. I checked for spark, and there was none. So the next day I went and swapped the ignition coil(it was only 2 months old). Truck still wouldn't start. After work, I decided to make sure it wasn't going to start before I got a ride home. It started, drove home and back to work the next day. Went to leave for lunch, it started, moved 5 feet, died, and rolled into a new parking spot. Didn't mess with it for 2 days. Left work, started right up. Made it 5 blocks and it died. Got pushed all the way home by a Ford(because Ford's always start!).

I figured I'd start diagnosing/changing some parts. I changed Spark plugs(twice, in case my motor didn't like the first as there was no change) , wires, stator, Cap & Rotor. Truck started, but sounded like there was nothing coming out of the exhaust(Had no muffler, and was super quiet). And then it died, and wouldn't start again. So I took it to a shop. They changed Crank sensor(twice, in case the first was faulty), and still had the same issue, wouldn't start. They then disconnected the exhaust from the manifold and it fired right up. So they changed the catalytic converter. Started right up, and would move down the street. I went to work.

Now onto the issue I am having now:

Left work, went to get out in traffic and it fell on its face. Ease into the throttle and it would accelerate fine, but try and get on it hard and it hesitates/misses/backfires and falls on its face, sometimes stalling out. Couldn't figure this out to save my life. I changed the o2 sensors, as this seemed like a pretty good place to start with the symptoms I was having. Had no affect on performance. So I took it do Dodge stealership. They had it 10 days, changed PCM, did a fuel flush, told me it was running 1000 times better. So I sent my brother to pick it up(4:45pm and they close at 5pm and I was at work). I got home from work, wanted to go fishing. Got in the truck, started it up, moved 5 feet and it died. Wouldn't start again all weekend. Went back to Dodge on Monday. They had it towed back and would look at it the next day.

Dodge also informed me that they checked fuel pressure, at 50PSI, and said the volume was great. Had the cylinder pressure checked, and all were between 138-145psi.

Tuesday afternoon they call and let me know they couldn't figure it out. They looked at everything(so they said). And it sounded like there was no exhaust coming out. So they disconnected the exhaust from the manifolds and it started right up. Said I could pick it up anytime(no charge this time).

So now here I sit, $1500 into the truck, not including parts I threw at it, and still no change in performance whatsoever. I just ordered a new Denso fuel pump Wednesday, and it came in this afternoon. I will be changing that out tomorrow, but I have a feeling I am still just "throwing money away" as I don't feel this is the issue.

Any suggestions!? I'm pissed off and tired of this truck, and ready to set it on fire(if I didn't have a 16 month old girl, and a 5day old baby boy it woulda been done already).
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