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Originally Posted by country-boy View Post
Driver72 - Thanks for some good points.
Actually, I used the combined mpg rating for the Hemi. It's rated at 14/20 or 15/21 depending on where you look and the configuration, but all of the window stickers I looked up show 17 combined.
You're right that I used the high end on the ED mpg. My mistake. We could go back and forth all day long on the ED mpg. True, the jeep ED is rated at 21/28 for 4x4 (it's 22/30 for the 2WD). Motortrend reported they got 26.4 overall on a 4x4 after just a week of driving. So, for sake of argument, let's use 26 for the Ram. I honestly think this is conservative, based on reading quite a few sites - but nothing is solid... so we can only guess.
National gas/diesel ave price: 3.593 / 3.927
mpg (Hemi/ED): 17 / 26
price per mile = 0.15 / 0.21
So @ 18,000 miles/year, the savings with the ED is just under $1,100/year.
Even if you bring the ED down to 24 mpg, the savings is still $859/yr.

FWIW, I live in NY (unfortunately). Using the local average costs for gas/diesel here show even greater savings.

You're right that the ED gets the 3.55. While technically true there will be a difference between this and the 3.45 in the Jeep, I don't think you could measure it. Other tests have shown that a much bigger delta between ratios leads to maybe 1.0 mpg difference, and that's at highway. It drops off in city. So I didn't even bother to consider this factor in the comparison.

It's interesting when you start to compare the Pentastar. With a 3.55 rear end, the Pentastar performs almost even with the Hemi. It's 0.4 seconds slower in the 1/4 mile, and at almost the same speed (88). The 0-60 times are fairly close too (6.9 and 7.5). So it's not that the ED is slow, it's that the Pentastar is *fast*.

The Jeep GC with ED was very, very close too. It was 7.8 sec 0-60, and almost a dead heat with the Pentastar for the 1/4 (maybe 0.1 or 0.2 slower, depending the tester).
And although I can't back it up facts, I really doubt you're going to have to mash your right foot on the ED just to keep up. Not enough to erase $1,000+ a month savings.

Still - I can't wait to drive the ED side-by-side with the Hemi and see how she does. Either way, I can't go too far wrong!

Fortunately for me the decision is easier. Now the average is $1.33 a L for both Diesel and Gas but that's cause its a long weekend. Diesel is typically 5-10 cents a L cheaper. So I'll be saving in fuel cost straight up never mind the better mileage...
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