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Originally Posted by RogerRamJet View Post
What So the engine turns over OK, it just won't start, correct? My bad, I thought it was having issues cranking, or turning over. 3 things you need for combustion 1) fuel, B) spark & 3rd) compression. If your mechanic thinks it's not getting spark, and you've changed the coil, it could be the ignition pickup, which is the module, I think, he's referring to, in the distributor. You could have a cracked distributor cap or burnt rotor. If you're just going to throw parts at it, do a cap and rotor. If that don't fix it, then try the pickup.
the Kid I got this truck from seems like he's done everything wrong that he thought he fixed... This was supposedly a new distributor cap and rotor. I'll look at all of this today. I need my truck working today!!

But see, that's the thing. I dont want to keep throwing parts at it because I can use that money for something else!!!

And I saw where the cap and rotor is located on this truck..... yeah... no fun

And can someone tell me the technical term for that module because I can't find it on the parts stores websites
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