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Originally Posted by huntergreen View Post
what is the difference between a tsb and a star case?
If my understanding is correct, a "STAR case" is a record (typically) of a single call / resolution at our STAR Center (dealer technical assistance hotline). So basically, it tells about a problem (and hopefully, what fixed it) for one particular vehicle at one particular dealership. STAR cases are then used as a reference (by our STAR agents), so if another dealer calls in with a similar problem on a similar vehicle, the agent can advise what might fix the issue. However, there is also a "STAR Online" system, a database where certain "popular" problems (and solutions) are described. Dealer technicians can access the STAR Online system to look for possible resolutions for issues on a particular type of vehicle (without having to call in to an agent). While these records are normally referred to as "STAR Online solutions," I suppose they might also be called "STAR cases" (since they typically originate as a single STAR case).

A TSB is a Technical Service Bulletin, which is an official bulletin addressing a known issue, which is published to all dealers. It basically advises of a particular problem, which vehicles may exhibit that problem (for example, all 2013 DS models with 5.7L engine, built before 12/15/11), how to fix it, and whether this repair will be covered under warranty.

So a STAR case and a TSB are both sources where dealers can find how to fix a particular problem on a particular type of vehicle. A TSB is more visible and "more official" (if that makes any sense) than a STAR case. A TSB requires more review and approvals than a STAR case. And a TSB (if I understand correctly) can authorize "extended warranty" repairs (i.e. repairs paid by Chrysler even after the normal warranty has expired). A STAR case does not affect or extend warranty coverage.
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