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Originally Posted by BlackRamHemi View Post

Last time I looked this was the Performance Section!

Not the "just eat what the Ram Engineers spoon feed you, don't question it and drive it bone stock until you're ready to trade it in every two years for a new stock turd" section.




I didn't say you shouldn't mod, I said the 180 thermostat hurt performance, economy and longevity of the 2011+ hemi's with MDS. Because of the way the computers in the 2011+ manage the thermal state of the engine you will receive a loss in performance and fuel economy until engine gets up to operating temp as defined in the programming. If engine can't maintain the proper temp you will continue to see drops in performance and economy when engine temp drops.

None of the tuners compensate for that as its programming they can't change. They don't mess with the engine thermal management profiles other than allow you to tweak fan on/off temps which is just a threshold value. They don't modify the MDS parameter tables (other than flipping the on/off flag) or the other half dozen parameters that would need to be modified to make the engine not fight the lower temp stat.

So unless you live in 100 heat year round, drive with your foot always to the floor, or have some flame thrower under the hood that keeps engine up around 190+ then its best to stay away from the 180 stats on 2011 and newer models with MDS. As for most people it equates to an instant loss of performance and fuel economy outside of the summer months.

It's the same thing with non-thermostatic transmission coolers. Cooler isn't always better. Its about a 2% drop in fuel economy alone if tranny is running at 140 degrees vs 190 degrees. So people put in transmission coolers that over cool the trannies and see sluggish shift response and lower fuel economy. The myth of cooler is always better, is just a myth.
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