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I know see why the engineers post in the other forum and not here.

I never contested that a 180 thermostat in a 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,2006,2008,2009 or 2010 might improve performance in a hemi truck. As brondondolon states he thinks he is getting better gas mileage on his 2009 which with their programming may very well be the case.

What I said was on the 2011+ (2011, 2012, 2013,2014 and I would assume 2015) that:

"The engines do everything possible to increase heat and get up to 190 degrees. The engineers have done everything possible to get engine, tranny, oil up to temp to reach highest efficiency and reduce wear and tear. Putting in a 180 tstat makes engine work harder and runs a different fuel profile until it gets to temp."

Which means if you install a modification that keeps engine running cooler than the programming wants, you will constantly be fighting the computers programming and you will have a loss in performance and fuel economy as a result. There is no way around this other than having it run in a hot environment or have something else that generates sufficient heat that the 180 stat is irrelevant anyway.

I never stated that I thought a hotter supercharger would run better times than a cold supercharger. Their tests where on a 2010, not a 2011 so doesn't have the same thermo management programming anyway. And I had already addressed that anyway in my second post I when I said that "So unless you live in 100 heat year round, drive with your foot always to the floor, or have some flame thrower under the hood that keeps engine up around 190+ then its best to stay away from the 180 stats on 2011 and newer models with MDS."
supercharger = flamethrower

I know owe Stan a beer, as he said I would end up be sorry if I tried posting and straighten out the myth on the 180 stat in the newer trucks......and he was right.
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