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This is my last post on the matter, as there are always going to be those making the "but my truck is now faster now". The 180 will result in a loss of performance, you might do things that offset that performance loss but only under very rare conditions (flamethrower) is the 180 tstat going to be necessary and not result in a dip in overall performance in the 2011+ due to the PCM.

All the information is out there and can test it yourself you have a friendly tech at the dealership:
A. its in the Gen III Hemi manual under thermal management and I believe its also mentioned under performance profiles in the PCM section.
B. You can visibly see the selection of a "warm up" profile when ram is under temp and hooked up to the computer. And can watch the computer making bad decisions based on external temp and its inability to warm up. Can drive vehicle hard, watch it warm up and select correct performance profile, then fall back to a wrong profile due to low temp. Since tuners can only change whats in the profiles not when profiles are selected they can't tune out this behavior on 2011+ models.
C. You can see it in the thermal management programming (but I already know that the few here that know that are to chicken to poke there heads in on this thread)
D. Find any of the many interviews and discussions and interviews with Chrysler engineers on the subject. There are all over the place.
E. More specifically just find any of the interviews (in print or on video) involving Mike Cairns, Dave Sowers, Fred Diaz and the engineers on the subject.
F: Under there is a video (I can't find, might have been removed to make room for 2014) that has Fred Diaz discussing the thermal management changes since 2011 and how engine/computer now try to maintain higher oil/coolant/transmission temps.
G. Search the forum here, as there are the rare thread were people are quoting the information from the manuals and tech interviews.
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