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Originally Posted by ncgatorram View Post
So I have a 180 tstat waiting for me to install .... guess I shouldn't now since I have a 2011.
Install it, you'll be happy you did. No offense to the nay sayers but those who dissagree no nothing about emmisions or performance. If they did they would agree that a 180 tstat would help your engine all around from water, oil, ambient and transmission temps to rubber, plastics, hoses, and gaskets longivity....even aluminum. Think about it, you don't work on a hot aluminum engine because it becomes soft under high heat. Do you think it's cool for your aluminum heads to loose strength under high heat? Would you torque an aluminum head, intake or header bolts while it's hot? If you do you take a very high risk of stripping the bolts. You work on it when it's cool so you can torque them properly without stripping them. If you had an aluminum block you had better be running a 180 or better stat so why wouldn't you want to run one with aluminum heads. The reason why aluminum heads lift under pressure is because of the high heat (cylinder temp), not because of the pressure alone. That's why cast iron heads and blocks are favorite for high boost engines. It won't prevent over heating but it will help your engine stay cooler and perform better. You could not find a notable engine builder anywhere on this planet who would tell you any different. The only ONE reason auto makers use high temp tstats is to burn off illegal emissions and that's it, nothing else. They have no choice but to use them especially in high performance engines that use more fuel. They can build a fast car in todays world but they need high heat to burn off emmissions. In the old muscle car days emmissions did not matter so they ALL used lower tstats depending on the surrounding enviorment. If anything to protect your rubber, plastic, hoses, containers, wires...just about everything under the hood and around the heat use a 180 tstat. At the same time you will increase your engines performance all the way around. That includes wear on every moving and non moving part around the heat. It will NOT affect your computer or cause any codes to pop up and it will not void your warranty. Install it and be cool or don't and be hot, it's your baby.
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