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TransEngineer is just really niceTransEngineer is just really niceTransEngineer is just really niceTransEngineer is just really nice

Actually the owner's manual says, "Do not use gasolines containing Methanol or E-85 Ethanol."

E-85 is 85% ethanol (and 15% gasoline). Not only is this bad for your engine and fuel system, it is also bad for your wallet. Although E-85 is cheaper than regular gasoline, you get MUCH lower fuel economy, so overall it's a very bad deal, even in a flex fuel vehicle.

Of course, the government now wants to increase the ethanol content of normal gasoline from 10% to 15%. This is apparently because they mandated a certain level of ethanol use in fuels (in absolute number of gallons, not as a percent of total fuel usage). Since fuel economy has been increasing, less fuel is used, which means they will not meet their self-imposed ethanol usage level. So, rather than reduce the overall ethanol quota (one might ask, why does government need to mandate how much ethanol we use, anyway?!?), they will simply mandate that we use more of it, over the objections of manufacturers who say this will damage engines, etc. Once again, our wonderful government is there to "help" us, whether we like it or not!!
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