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DAA is just really niceDAA is just really niceDAA is just really niceDAA is just really nice

Wash- Zaino car wash. Super concentrated, just a little bit makes a bucket of the richest, thickest, most luxurious soap suds ever. Meguiars Gold from the store if I'm out of Zaino, but the Megs doesn't even compare.

Wax- I mostly use Zaino on the smaller vehicles, Z-2 usually. But for something like my Ram, which seems like it has an acre of sheet metal, I find Zaino just more work than I am willing to do. So I use products I find easier to apply and remove. A couple I've been using on larger rigs, are Wolfgang Deep Gloss 3.0 and 3M Synthetic wax. The Wolfgang is definitely easier to apply and buff off than Zaino and gives a nice glossy finish. But the 3M is SUPER easy to use, you don't let it dry, just apply by machine and wipe off while still wet. Maybe not quite the shine of Zaino or Wolfgang, but seems to protect fairly well and last fairly long, and so much easier to use than anything that you have to let dry before buffing, it is becoming my go-to for anything with as much sheet metal as a pickup truck.

Tire shine- None. Hate the stuff. Don't like the look of shiny tires for one, absolutely hate the way dirt sticks to the crud for another. Then again, I don't like the look of raised white letters either. Much, much, prefer the uber clean fresh rubber look of using Bleche-Wite on straight black sidewalls. Especially on a truck, which if it is mine, sees a LOT of dirt, none of that gross, shiny, sticky tire dressing crap for dirt to mix with and make spooge - which ends up in the wheel wells as well as on the tires. The clean, fresh natural rubber look is where it's at, for me. Bleche-Wite and a stiff scrub brush. To each his own, but I despise tire dressing...

Metal polish- None. For wheels, I use Poor Boys wheel wax twice a year and just keep them clean with soap and water. Never any need to polish. The Poor Boys wheel wax works great on powder coated stuff too, like the rocker sliders and bumpers on my Jeep.

Glass- Whatever is on sale. They all work, some maybe a little better than others, but I've never seen a real big difference between the cheapest and the most expensive.

Carpet cleaner- None. If the carpet is bad enough to need cleaned, I pull it out and power wash it.

Leather- Couple drops of Zaino car wash in a spray bottle of water, with a soft cotton cloth. I never use any dressing on interior leather, again, I just personally hate the shiny look and feel. Prefer straight clean unadulterated leather.

Leather/Plastic dash- Couple drops of Zaino car wash in a spray bottle of water, with a soft cotton cloth. Again, no dressing on that stuff for me.

Interior plastic/leather trim- Couple drops of Zaino car wash in a spray bottle of water, with a soft cotton cloth.

Clear exterior plastics- I just apply the same wax or sealer to them as the sheet metal.

Exterior black plastic trim- Nothing. If it's faded, I might rub a little straight ATF into the plastic with my finger tips - that seems to last longer than any commercial product I've tried, but usually, just leave it alone.

Rubbing compound- Whatever seems most appropriate for the task at hand. Deep scratches on the sides of my Jeep I might use Meuiars Diamond Cut on a rotary buffer. Just prepping good clean paint for sealant, I might use a mild finishing glaze or polish on a gray pad on the 7424XP.

Clay bar- None, usually. Zaino for the times I do. Usually figure it's just as easy and more thorough to machine polish as to clay bar though.

Head light restoration- 3M probably best of breed. I've just about given up on all of them though.

Air freshener- Ozium spray. Febreze the crap out of carpet and headliner if it really stinks.

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