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The OP has an 09' Hemi Ram, and there is just no way a BullyDog tuner is superior on that year and model. period.
The highest possible shift points on a Bully Dog are 5900 rpm and their highest available octane tune is a 91+

Diablo can increase throttle sensitivity/response by 20%, shift at over 6200 rpm and the highest available tune is 93 octane,
it also offers a 100% traction control disable feature in addition to Data logging capability.
...and those are the reasons I went from 14.3 to 13.8 in the quarter, both canned tunes (no custom)

If the OP was having issues, it could have been poor fuel, not high enough octane (I never run lower than 89 on a Hemi)
But at least with a Diablo tuner you can data log for LT/ST Knock Retard to see if its a fuel related issue and not the tuning.
If you're getting knock due to lower octane fuel, the PCM will retard your timing and it will feel sluggish regardless of which tuner you use.

Originally Posted by Asur View Post
Great info and very good to have, but it is still only a 2 truck minority to that of the quantity out there.
I'm a member on at least 5 different Ram forums, some of them since 2004,
in going on four years, I have yet to see anyone post a 13 second time slip with a Bully Dog Tuner on a 4G Ram.
Dating way back to long before "Custom Tuning" was even being utilized by any 4G Ram owners.

But don't take my word for it, I beg you....please go visit a few forums and see it for yourself.
They all have a Performance Section with an Official Time Slip thread. Proof Required to make your claims.
Almost all members list their gear in their sig lines...Now YOU tell me which tuner is in the Minority. 2 truck minority pfffft!

If Bully Dog is so much better at performance tuning, and so dominant, then where are the ALL the time slips?
Put the BS opinions aside and show me some numbers from people that actually run their Trucks, not just their Mouths.

Opinions are like @ssholes,
Show me the Numbers!

Challenge issued!

let the back-pedaling begin!

Murdered.. Lowered.. Alcohol Injected ..Blowered! 500WHP

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