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Originally Posted by brandonjansen View Post
The bold part is backed by Andrew's (fastNugly) experience with the Vararam. He has said his highway gains are about 3 mpg better fuel economy and a small increase in power. However I do agree what those gains will only be notice with highway driving where the air will be forced into the Vararam as it has been designed for. For normal everyday city driving then yes, a closed CAI is a better option and the stock set up will work fine..
I thought the improvements you were speaking of was HP in the part in bold I quoted.

But seeing as you're speaking of MPG gains, then let's dabble in that briefly. A 3MPG gain is HUGE in anyone's language! I know manufacturers of CAI's will often use those types of numbers as a selling/promotional tool, but in "real world" environments, a 3PMG gain is big. Especially given the very nature of aftermarket CAI's and the main reason people opt for them.

I have no reason to doubt Andrew's claims as I respect him very much. So I'll leave it at that....

Originally Posted by brandonjansen View Post
I have read many of CdnoilRam's post about the Vararam and why they scrapped it but it comes back to what I just pointed out above. Yes a new style CAI is better for city driving has it will actually pull in cooler air from outside the engine compartment. But for someone doing highway driving or drag racing the Vararam will perform better for a few different reasons. One being the ram air type design it has, the second being the increased filter area allowing more air in. So yes, really it is wrong to claim that all users will see those gains out of the Vararam, but some will. I could back this up with tons of first and second hand drag racing experience but this post is already long enough. lol..
Pretty much ANY [reputable] aftermarket CAI with a larger/smoother feed and/or air filter [oiled or non] will improve HP under the conditions you explained, for the very reasons you explained. So to claim that the Vararam is the bee's knees in this regard is [unfairly] singling out them among others. Does the Vararam do a better job under these conditions than the competition/s? Well, there-in lies the debate.

Let me ask you this while we're at it: Why do you think the ram-air design of the 80's is now like dinosaur droppings? I mean, they were the shizzle on all the muscle cars back in the day - ironically under the same conditions you mentioned above - yet now it's easier to find a job than a ram-air designed intake.... ?

Hmmm.... maybe I need to get out n' mingle more often...

Originally Posted by brandonjansen View Post
As far as the stuff goes in my second paragraph I can back up that adding the secondary intake tube did definitely help getting more "cold" air into the engine. I had my Bully Dog monitoring intake air temp. With the secondary pipe installed my intake temps were rarely any more than 10 degrees (F) higher than the outside air temp. At stop lights it might jump out about 5 degrees but that was it. It definitely helped keep the temps down which does create more power. Now that being said, no I didn't feel any difference between having it or not.... but when you have a number of mods just adding little things like that it will make a difference.
Changing the filter and intake tube will simply allow for slightly better flow which again is just one of those small things you can do.
I have no doubt whatsoever that a secondary feeder tube will improve air flow - as I've seen on mine since installing my drop-mouth on the S&B - hence improving other parameters on the truck. But consider my source; it's utilizing anything from the OEM design except the fender opening.

I'm not arguing that point for a second.

The point I was trying to emphasize is, are the changes made to the OEM system as you claimed just as good, if not better than a similar after market design?

Show me some numbers before I invest....
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