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I definitely understand the rant about the counter workers at some auto parts stores, I've seen it myself and, sadly there are more automotive know-nothings behind the counter than most of us parts salespeople would like to admit and they do tend to give us knowledgeable people a bad name but they do not represent all of us. Granted I have only been in the business for 3 years combined between 3 different chains, 2 large ones and one relatively small by comparison, but I like to think when I give a customer advice or recommendations, it's based on experience rather than guesswork. If I want to guess at a customer's problem, I should be in the fortune telling business, not selling parts.

Speaking for myself, there are some of us that don't just sell parts, we also trouble shoot, help diagnose the problem accurately and make sure the customer has what they need to do the job right the first time. That is based on my own experience, nothing worse than having the only vehicle you own torn down only to discover you were sold the wrong dang part! Some of us do take pride in what we do and I also like to think I have earned the respect and trust of the mechanics in my area. Why else would they call and ask for me or look to see if my truck is in the parking lot so they know I'm working? Sure, as parts salespeople, we're out to make money, but me, I'd rather take a smaller sale over none at all and I tell customers all the time, if I can save you money, I will, and I do want to see you back, just for something else because I want and value your business and I will do what I can to keep you in my store over the competition.

I do understand the frustration but, if I may speak from behind the counter, if only customers realized how frustrating it is when they come in knowing absolutely nothing about their vehicle! How simple is it to know year/make/model of what you drive? If you need a fuel pump or starter, YES, I need to know what size motor you have. Honestly, some days, I just want to look across the counter at the person standing in front of me who expects me to know (my response is my crystal ball is broken lol) or tells me it's my job to know what they drive......duh, it's your car!

Sorry for the thread jack, just had to speak my mind on this one.

- Cajun
Well, I'm glad I didn't use the word "all" LOL

Definitely true, good and bad everywhere you go. Seems like where I live it's mostly people that don't have a clue at the part stores.

Breathing in and out is good enough for me.
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