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Originally Posted by GTyankee View Post
PDR can remove the dent, the area between the body skin & bed is hollow, you can put your arm into the space
My 130 lb dog put a big dent on the front part right side of my bed when I first adopted him. I shot him after that...just kidding but I wanted to, lol. I thought I had him tied tight enough to where he could not reach the side but my knot slipped and the rope stretched and off the side he went. Hanging there smashing up against the side of my bed. I picked him up and held him while my son removed his collar. It was a soccerball size dent with a couple of claw dents and I'm not kidding. I could see three or four sharp dents from his claws today. I fixed the dent without any bondo or body work. But man....that part of the bed feels like 16 gauge steel. I could barely budge it. The very front side of the bed half way up the side. I used a heavy duty suction tool to pull it out along with a peice of wood I modified to fit inside the inner side wall to use as a pry bar. Even with my makeshift prybar and suction tool together it didn't want to budge, it took for ever. I jsut wanted to say to everyone, your bed is built much thicker and stonger that you think. It's nothing like our cheezy door skin.
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