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Originally Posted by HemiLonestar View Post
An 'original hemi' would be a 50's Chrysler/Dodge/DeSoto engine. The hemis the OP is looking at are variations on the new 3rd gen hemi.
Correct. While I absolutely love the nostalgia of the original 426, I'm looking at the new 3rd Gen with an EFI setup.

Originally Posted by Gen1dak View Post
In my mind, I immediately think 440. A mildly built 440 has gobs of torque and will pull heavy loads all day long against a tall final drive ratio. Hemis are awesome with all the wow factor, along with additional cost and big wide cylinder heads that can be an issue when fitting to a vehicle. A stroker smallblock will get you close to the 440 power output in a modestly smaller and lighter package, but for cost and ease of hitting power and mileage goals, the 440 is my #1 choice.
This has actually been the top contender in my mind. I'd think the crate motor 360 siamese blocked stroked to 440 would be my best bet for fit. I'm just not sure on the power/torque comparison to the big blocks. Relatively speaking on the crate motor aspect, the 440, 392, and 426 are all fairly close in price.

Originally Posted by mb power wagon View Post
if you go with the original hemi (426 big block) the first thing you should take a look at is whether the frame your gonna use will handle the torque of it. in alot of cases an added cross member or if the frame your using is a "c" channel style just boxing in the frame will make a huge difference in strength. thats part of the reason all the new power wagons have fully boxed in frames. it also helps with the chassis twist of hard off roading. as for an engine i'd probably rather go with the 383 magnum. it's not the 426 hemi but it's a stump puller of an engine and has the possibility to make more torque if it's done right. keep us posted what you decide and pics of the build i wanna see this beast.
I'm going to be using a late 90s to early 2000s RAM 2500 frame. Any idea how that will stand up to the 426? Or will I need to strengthen that frame?

I'm still really looking for some real world info on the MOPAR crate 440/392/426s. Plus some exterior dimensions would be nice. Can't find those either.

Has anyone installed any of those in a RAM? Since that's essentially what I'm doing.
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