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As you may know, most major chain auto parts stores (Pep Boys, AutoZone, Schuck's, etc...) will read and clear codes for you at no charge.

On my 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8 I can clear a code by pulling fuse 11, the "AutoShutOff/PCM" fuse. It will clear the code and if it's a momentary sensor glitch, it won't come back. If it's a real problem, the CEL will light up again.

So, I think it may be possible to do something similar with the RAM. I read through my Ram Owner's Manual to see if there wasn't a similar fuse. I don't see one that clearly translates into the same thing on our trucks.

Your '98 fuse box arrangement will be pretty much the same as my '99 so here's something you can try. Open the fuse box panel. It's on the driver's side of dash, on the side next to the door frame. Find fuse position 3. This is the ABS fuse. It's a red 10 amp fuse.

Pull it and inspect it. If it's blown, replace.

It it's not, pull it and wait about 60 seconds. Then reinsert and start the truck. See if your ABS light comes on again.

If that doesn't work, next step would be to pull fuse 9. This is also a red 10 amp fuse and is for the engine controller.

Inspect the fuse and replace if necessary. Turn on the truck again and check for the ABS light.

Lastly, you can disconnect your battery positive cable for a couple of minutes, then reconnect and start the truck.

If the ABS light does not come back on after any of these steps but comes on again later, I'd suspect you have a bad ABS sensor or a connection to one is corroded and needs to be replaced.
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