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Yes, a friend suggested that I should do that. Just keep calling and coming in to ask about jobs. However, one problem about getting a job is hours. I need flexible hours as I am the basketball team manager at my high school and he offered for me to do it for the next four years. I want to do it as ever since I became the team manager I've earned a lot more respect from people and I've got to meet people. I've got to be there for practice and games. That's why I'd like to have a job that works around my schedule, which web design does. Plus, web design gives me a chance to go to the games and practices and not have to worry about the 7 o'clock "curfew" for "kids" under 16, whereas with a "real" job I'd have to miss all my practices and get to only go to the games.

I will be sure to post pics of my first car when I get it, and I really want a Ram. All I can do now though is just cross my fingers, dot my Is and cross my Ts and pray.

Though, a "friend" of mine that's sixteen got a job at a place I've been wanting a job at.

My neighbor agrees with the people on here, that web design is my forte. But I really want to venture into HVAC, and my main goal is to actually teach HVAC to high school students.

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