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My 2009 truck is coming up on the five year date of purchase. I don't have a warranty other than the lifetime limited powertrain warranty. I have to say that I'm gald I had enough faith in my dealer and truck and didn't need an extra warranty. From here on out other than my drivetrain, if parts break I'll take care of the cost on my own with no regrets. My truck has long paid for itself with the money it made me on my jobs. If I had to do it over I'd buy me another Dodge. All said, I had extra warranties on all of my prior new purchases and never used any of them....all Chevys. I found it to be a waste of money and not worth the hassle the OP seems to be going through. I'm still getting these so call second attempt fruadulent warranty letters from the same unknown company ever since my second or third year of ownership. I got one the other's aggravating. It comes in the form of a Louisiana DMV notice, the kind you tear off the dotted lines on the ends. I can't see how you can buy a warranty on a five year old truck with 60k miles and not expect a scam. I'm so use to seeing them that it doesn't even make it past the outside garbage can! That contract the OP signed is drafted in favor of them and not the holder of the vehicle. It doesn't always help but I read everything I sign. I had to have the dealer send my purchase contract to my bank who financed me and let them fill it out and check it over on my behalf. I wanted to make sure I could pay my truck off early and void the otherwise extra interest. It was less then 300 dollars anyway but just incase I still didn't want to get screwed out of a penny.
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