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Unfortunately, "4th gear clutch code" is not very descriptive. You might have:

P0734 Gear Ratio Error in 4th
P0770 4C Solenoid Circuit
P0987 4C Hydraulic Pressure Test
P0988 4C Pressure Switch Rationality
P2704 Inadequate Element Volume 4C

I would guess that you probably have a P0770 4C Solenoid Circuit fault. Looking further into my crystal ball, I will also predict that the PCM will not fix it, but you have a wiring problem (bad terminal connection). I hope for your sake that I'm wrong, but I've seen so many wiring problems go down this path ("We tried a solenoid and that didn't fix it. So we replaced the PCM, but that didn't fix it. So then we finally looked at the wiring and found the problem.").

Note that this is only a GUESS on my part. We DO see bad PCMs now and then. It's just, in my experience, that a wiring problem is more likely.
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