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Here has been the timeline of my issues and what I have done as far as a lemon case and some video links:

I first dropped my truck off on 4/01/13 (dealership where I purchased the truck) for the following, the breaks were my main concern considering when I braked at 75 mph the truck procedded to take me into the median, it was so extreme that the driver side sank extremely low and I felt the rear passenger tire wanting to come off the ground. To miss hitting the metal crash barrier I had to overcomponsate a hard turn to the right which caused my truck to get sideways and almost flip.(2260 Miles)
  1. Hard shifting from Drive to Park
  2. Bog down at cold ambient temp and when accelerating from low speeds
  3. Cannot remove key from ignition
  4. Hard pull to the left at highway speeds

When I recieved my truck back on 4/04/13 this was the repair response:
  1. Could not duplicate concern, scaned for codes, checked fluid
  2. Could not duplicate concern
  3. Could not duplicate concern (*this is a common issue with the shifting column not fully engaged)
  4. Caliper sticking, replaced caliper and bled system
After getting my truck back I was out on the highway and I had to make another hard stop at 75 mph, the truck once again dive bombed to the left at about a 45 degree angle; narroly missing the car to the left of me. I once again returned to the dealer on 4/09/13 for the following (2500 Miles)
  1. Brake pull to the left
I recieved my truck back on 4/15/13 and this was the repair response:
  1. Replaced front brake pads and rotors
The dealership had a hard time figuring out what was going on with the truck and they needed to engineers help at Chrysler to solve the problem. They took the breaking components off the switched them to the left side, theoretically they thought the truck would go right on a test drive. I went with the 2nd lead mechanic and I got to talking with him after we verified the truck now went right. He told me that when they first replaced the bad caliper, all they did was send a young kid out with my truck around the block to verify the breaks worked; they NEVER took it out on the highway and verified that the truck braked well at high speeds. They are extremely lucky that I did not get into a wreck and injur myself and others or worse!! I could not believe that this is how they treated this situation!

Once getting my truck back the first thing I did was take my truck out on the highway for obvious reasons (root of all evil). I noticed that rather than my truck going left or straight, it was drifting to the right at about a 20 degree angle. This was not during hard breaking, this happened when I slightly tried to slow down from 75mph. Once again I took it in on 4/22/13 for the following: (3073 Miles)
  1. Brake drift to the right
I recived my truck back the same day 4/22/13 and this was the repair response:
  1. Could not duplicate concern, measured break temp all normal, no pull at this time
I finally had enough of this dealership so I took it to another dealership in Denver where I work. A Chrysler Star case was started for my truck and let me be the first to tell you WHAT A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. They rarely followed up with me or the dealer, and the dealer rarely followed up with them or me. I took my truck in on 5/23/13 (earliest I could get in) for the following: (5165 Miles)
  1. Vehicle pull to the right
The truck was in the shop for FOREVER! I showed the videos that I had of the issue to the head tech. He had the truck for 3 weeks and said they checked some stuff and wanted me to go on a test drive because they could not duplicate it. Well about 5 min into the drive, POW there it is!!! The tech said "Ok I now see what you are talking about and I see why you are concerned, I need to keep the vehicle for longer" Well I left it with them and a Chrysler rep came out to inspect it. He said there is no concern and to give me the vehicle back. I was shocked hearing this from the tech, I asked him " how can you return the vechicle to me with no work done on it after you said you saw this is a safety concern" he said at this time for as long as my truck has been in the shop that his hands were tied. Wow!! I picked my truck up on 6/20/13, 22 buisniness days later...yes 22!

I then submitted my paperwork to Chrysler because I reached 4 repair opportunities and 32 buisiness days in the shop. I recieved confirmation of their recipt of the letter. Well days passed and not a word, I finally called the complaint department and they said sorry sir your case was denied by Chrysler. I asked why I was never informed and they said I dont know... That is finally when I started to get an attorney and paperwork was submitted to Chysler from him asking for repurchase. During this 30 day response time, my stero stoped working. I took it in on 7/26/13 for the following: (6805 Miles)
  1. Erratic radio oporation
I recieved the truck back on 7/27/13 and this was the repair response:
  1. Verified Fault, replaced radio
Finally hear from Chrysler and they do not want to repurchase my truck. The fight goes on and on and on and on. Finally they ask for a last repair opportunity and I asked for them to verify this is their last attempt since I previously submittied my paperwork for the lemon law. They did not want to do it. I told my attorney that during the time multiple other issues were popping up with my truck and I was just going to take it in, get it fixed and send the new work order reciepts to Chrysler and maybe that will change their mind. I took it in on 10/17/13. A few hours later I get a call back from the dealer saying I need to pick it up and drop it off a few days later because two other Chrysler reps were going to look at it. I complied. On 10/21/13 I submitted this lenghty work order (9374 Miles)
  1. Truck drifts to the right during breaking
  2. Hard shifting from P to R, loud clank and rocking motion
  3. Vehicle surges on acceleration
  4. Truck when warm will not go into gear at times
  5. Will hold speed around 15 mph and wont stop
  6. Air will come on by itself
  7. Headlights will turn on and off rapidly for multiple times at dusk
  8. TPMS is erratic
  9. Truck bogs down at cold temp
  10. Truck holds speed at 35 mph
  11. Erratic radio opporation
During the time from 10/17/2013 to 10/21/13 I got video of the truck holding speed at 35 mph and once again the radio messing up so the last two of the list were added to the repair. I got a call the same day to pick my truck up and this was the following response:
  1. Adjusted allignment
  2. characteristic of transmission
  3. No issue as customer described
  4. No issue as customer described
  5. No issue as customer described
  6. HVAC Fine
  7. No delay found in lights
  8. TPMS Fine
  9. NO issue found
  10. No issue found
  11. Radio flashed
I picked the truck up and was ferious because it was complete crap. I showed the videos to the Head and said how is this not a problem/safety concern. He said there were no codes so they cant fix it but he will tell the reps what he saw. He called me back and said that the reps told Chrysler and that they talked to my attorney and they did not direct him how to fix it... well they never did and the TPMS, acceleration, breaks, and tranny are still F'ed up!!
Five days passed and once again more new problems!!! The truck is still holding speed, I drove for 2.5 miles with no gas at 25 mph! The radio froze and the odometer was dissapearing! Took it back in on 10/28/13 for the following (9600 Miles)
  1. Erratic radio opperation
  2. Erratic electrical opperation
The truck is still in the shop and the radio once agin needed to be replaced to this is the third radio all together. Now I need to find out how to address the acceleration concern because this is a major major safety issue. My Attorney is currently on vacation till monday. I will give him the new repair order and have him once again get a hold of Chysler. I will keep everyone posted of the outcome of theis POS truck!!! The total so far is 8 repair visits, 37 Buisness days and 47 total days in the shop!
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