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Originally Posted by 86Tanner View Post
I have a '97 ram 1500 4x4 with a 5.9 v8.

truck has a 4" lift, power programmer, exhaust and intake. other than that its pretty stock.

The other day I was towing an empty trailer and on the free way and heard some banging noises. I pulled over to check things out, no popped tires, leaking fluid etc. so i got back in the truck to continue driving. started the engine just fine, when i went to accelerate, the truck started moving but as soon as i gave a little bit of gas the truck jerked to a halt and stalled the engine. i was able to get the truck to a parking lot off a free way exit by giving the truck nearly no throttle input and driving down the shoulder. In the parking lot i plugged in my power programmer to scan codes.

These are the codes I got


I then programed my ECU back to stock but it didn't make a difference. I ended up driving the truck home nearly idling the whole way. On the way home sometimes it felt like the transmission would fall into neutral, and make a quite but fast clacking noise. funny thing is when i was parking the trailer at my house i put the truck into 4x4 because of mud, and the problem seemed to go away. By the way I tried driving the truck with the trailer detached in the parking lot off the free way, but reducing the load on the truck didn't make any difference.

Any ideas where i should start with trying to fix this?

I'm new to trucks and auto transmissions as well, but Im good with mechanical work, I come from old RWD toyotas.

I could start diagnostics on my own but i figured i might be able to save myself some time an headache with your guys input.

Thank you very much!

Hmm, the troubles you are having seem so damn familiar to me... I once was driving my truck, unloaded, then it shook and made some popping noises... Pulled similar code but from onboard DRB. Before you jump to transmission check fuel pressure, make sure you are running 43.5psi. Just stay out of the mid 30's range. Otherwise you will have popping and a lack of power feeling, just like it is in neutral. Hell, that is actually how it felt up until the point it stalled.

If you check pressure and it is fine contact me back (I will PM you my email, I am in engineering school, so I can barely find time to get onto the forum.) You email me and I will jump onto the forum, if I can, and help you as best as I can with figuring out what the problem is and how to rectify it.
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