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Originally Posted by catsltd View Post
Well to start with I believe he has a 2 wheel drive.
So stalling it up in 4 wheel drive might be a problem.
Also when you stall it up you will get timing being pulled.

Since he has a 2600 stall 4:10 gears I dont see how he is going to leave off the line without spinning,so thats why I suggested drag radials.
A baseline is no good if you cant get traction.

Putting the tow haul button on will lock up the converter sooner,so that always a good idea,and will go though all the gears correctly.

I quess if you want to be serious about racing on street tires,dont do a burnout in the water,drive past it and then heat them up.
You wont have water dripping down onto the tires when you stage.

Hope that helps a bit.
Not trying to be a smartass I am just trying to help the guy out.
Maybe you should do the same.

Not trying to be a smartass? But then your last comment is doing just that.

Also, I don't do "assuming" or "I believes"
Hence why I told him IF he has a 4x4 to launch in 4WD mode IF the track is not prepped well and he can't get traction.

Absolutely everybody knows that 98% of the time drag radials will improve your times, so that "advice" to him is like saying, "make sure you take your 2000 lbs trailer off the back before you hit the drag strip."
Capt. Obvious advice is never needed, especially when he clearly said, "I know the ins and outs of drag racing" he wanted tips on running the TRUCK, not how to drag race or what mods are going to help his times.

The absolute very next sentence he states, "I will be running bone stock, except for the Mufflex exhaust, I want to get some baselines before starting the mods."

So, that means he made it clear he WILL be running "bone stock" (well in his case as stock as it is now except the exhaust) BEFORE the modding begins.
Drag radials are not stock.

Maybe what's needed here is for you to read and comprehend a bit better before you reply, and it's also helpful not to be a d-bag while doing so to other's posts, especially when said person has done drag strips runs a few hundred times with a few dozen different cars.

As for the tow/haul mode. It's easy to try both on and off you know?
Tailgate up and tailgate down, mirrors in, mirrors out, bet he knows to try test them too you know? And since he said he knows the "ins and outs of drag racing" pretty sure then he didn't need the "advice" about driving around the water and backing up to it if need be either.
That's not a tip for just the truck, but a guy who knows the "ins and outs" of drag racing will already know that.

Now, can you be less d-baggy and or do you care to continue? Because if so, I'll just block you, guys like you not only don't help out the op, but don't help out the forums and continuing with d-baggy disrespectful people on line is less desirable than dealing with them in person.

Have a nice day.
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