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Originally Posted by RadioFlyer View Post
Here some facts, I've raced 3 ecoboost and beat all three, it wasn't even close. Mind you I think my truck stock is running in the vicinity of high 13's or low 14's and that's being modest. I'm well aware of the coyote engine running high 7k rpms and how well they are armored. Ford Racing doesn't skimp when it comes to building their racing/performance engines. But all said, that isn't how the 5.0 Ford truck comes from the factory and I've beat them too. It's a well designed engine if you can stomach 4 cams and a ten foot timing chain (just being sarcastic) but I can't. I would prefer the 6.2 but that's just me. That said I'm sick and tired of watching you guys post bogus videos of ecoboost trucks beating these hemi Rams on here. There is no way in hell that the video of that blue Ram RCSB runs in the high 15's. Who in the fug are you trying to fool? That INSULTS ME and my blue 09 RCSB so fug all of you who believe that video is ligit! I'm dead serious, get the hell out of here, go talk your shit against our Rams somewhere else. Other then older men, everyone I've seen so far in an ecoboost truck have all been pussies, all of them. They pull up on the side of you and try to race you unexpectedly so they can go brag to their friend about how they smoked one. Out of the three that I raced they ALL did this and turned off behind me to go somewhere and hide. And I caught the last one who tried this and I let him have it in front of his passenger who was laughing at him. To me that's no different then trying to sucker punch me. I told him ecoboost trucks were a peice of s...t and he was a f......coward for trying that! Yeah I said that, and if you don't like it tough. I had a tundra do that to me too, he took of first and turned off behind me to go hide after I beat him. Autobred and Blackhemiram doesn't come on here with bullshit, they do Ford and do well and don't talk smack. But you know what, that's just TWO fast Fords, where's the rest of thesae mofos? I'm talking about the majority of these fast ecoboost people and these fast 5.0 trucks who are beating hemi's. They're at the drag strip spending all their money modding to try and beat their competitors because they can't do it stock. If you have a Hemi Dodge RCSB truck and you let an ecoboost beat you then you let it beat you because you like Ford better and you're a f......idiot. If you have a CC with 35" tires you don't belong racing it on the street anyway. If you have a CC from the factory and you lost to an ecoboost then get use to it. They have more torque and can out pull an equally heavier truck with gas engine. Go buy yourself an RCSB and beat all of them! There's a lot of new fast cars and trucks coming out in the next few months....500hp Z28, Tremor, stronger Chevy trucks and so on. But guess what, this is a Dodge Ram forum. How long do you think this conversation would last on a Ford forum before getting closed? I don't care if you own 15 dodge trucks, you don't come on here talking smack that a Ford is faster because it beat your SLOW truck. That's right, if it beat your truck then your truck is slow because every stock ecoboost and 5.0 I ran was slower then mine. Your CC Rams are not race trucks, they're with it.
You're clearly not 59. Closer to 19 right?
Have you raced a RCSB Ecoboost (if they make them like that) or even a RCSB F150 5.0? If you say yes, post the videos. If you say no, then all your big talk above is meaningless.
I love my Ram, but I'm a realist. I CHOOSE to buy a loaded Ram, clearly I could of bought a Ford Ecoboost or two RCSB Ram Hemi's for the same price. I bought the Ram for other reasons than acceleration, I have and had other CARS and Bikes for speed.

But I'm also a realist, and know that equally equipped, equal bodystyle and drivetrain, and similarly geared the Ecoboost is a faster truck, especially than the older 6 speed auto Hemis. It's you who needs to deal with that.

Until you post a video of you racing a RCSB F150 5.0 with 3.73 gears, or an RCSB Ecoboost (if they make that other than the Tremor), all your talk is irrelevant, because you racing heavier CC versions of the Ecoboost, especially CC 4x4's is comparing apples to oranges because of the huge weight difference. Make it apples to apples, show the proof, or your 19 year old talk is just that.

Now if you had a 2013-14 RCSB with an 8 spd auto with 3.92's I'd agree with you almost fully, except the run against an equal Ecoboost would still be very close.
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