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Driver72 will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by RadioFlyer View Post
You have no room to talk about a my age when you've been arguing about the crappy ecoboost all through this thread. I don't give a hoot what you say or think because you're a looser talking out of your azz. F... you and your comments against Dodge and me. Apples to apples doesn't fit in this conversation so don't go there. We're talking turbo vs na and v8 vs v6 so where does that fit other than up in your bunhole. If I couldn't have beat those ecoboost by ten lengths in a full 1/4 then I'm a monkeys uncle. You're an ignoramous who knows nothing about racing! You're no better then those looser ecoboost owners that I ran down in my Hemi. Get over it, ecoboost trucks are garbage, I eat them for breakfast! They work well in CC because they have more torque, that's it unless you boost them up and loose your warranty. But you can juice a hemi just the same but we're talking stock anyway. You bought a brick with a couch and whine about loosing races and I'm the 19 year old here. Take your Dodge bashing elsewhere or go buy a Ford and be done with your trash talk from behind your desk!
Sorry kid, you are a dimwit.
Where did I say anything about losing in my truck. I haven't raced anybody in it.
You might want to adjust your age on your profile, it's more than clear your no where near 59.
Oh and by the way, I have also done absolutely zero Dodge bashing.

I just haven't done any Ford bashing, like you and Butter. Again, unlike you two knuckleheads I'm a realist and accept reality, I don't bash other brands just because I don't own them, just to make myself or the brand I own feel better. I'm a true auto enthusiast and like and respect all brands.
Maybe when your nuts drop and you grow up a bit you'll understand.

Oh and lastly, when racing, it's ALL about apples to apples.
So IF you haven't raced, which clearly you haven't, a RCSB Ford F150 5.0 or Ecoboost (again if they make the Ecoboost in a RCSB) then you can't possibly compare acceleration of your truck with the much heavier ones you have raced.

Otherwise, that's like saying it's fair to race another truck while the other truck is pulling a trailer and toot your horn that you beat that truck and it was a fair race.
You admit in this thread you have not raced a RCSB F150 5.0...heck you didn't even know the f150's 5.0 was essentially the coyote 5.0 in the Mustang. LOL
So just as I thought, all your talk is just that, cheap wind with no actual factual experience to back it up. LOL
Go race a RCSB F150 5.0 with 3.55 axle, the shortest axle they offer for the f150 5.0 I just learned (and if you have any mods, the Ford would need to have similar mods to be fair and legit too). And get back to us with the results (in video form, in a different thread), until then, zip it kid, you are embarrassing yourself.

Over and out here!!
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