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Originally Posted by Dancianne View Post
Wise advice gcscott ! Money has a way of just slipping away during our lives for so many things we don't really need. To Detroit, here are some additional reasons to pass on trading:
1. You know your present truck well and are happy with it, a 2010 will obviously be a used one which you may or may not know much about it's past history and care.
2. It would be my guess that your insurance and property tax will increase somewhat on the 2010, adding to the overall cost of ownership.
3. Many of us never get quite what our present vehicles are truly worth when we trade. Think about much you have already invested to get your '08 just like you want it to be,...can you hope to recover that money? And would you have to start all over with similar mods on the 2010, again more money?
4. If indeed you are still bound and determined to trade, consider a new one instead. Yes I know that would mean still higher costs, but this is the time of year that dealerships are offering huge discounts and low or zero interest rate financing, plus you'd have a brand new warranty, and no problems for a long time. Often used trucks are over priced to buy, but this not necessarily true of trade in value given.
5. gcscott gave you truly excellent advice about keeping your money for more important things down the road. The future is always uncertain, jobs, health, the economy, family or lifestyle changes, and for certain the biggie,...retirement. Wouldn't you rather see that money in your banking account? And to quote financial guru, Suze Orman, "...always keep a minimum of 6-8 months cash reserves to handle emergencies".
Dancianne is right on with the advice of buying a new truck with warranty and peace of mind, excreta. If you are going to do MODs to the truck you are better off doing it to a brand new truck. MODs will cost the same either way. I would also order a new truck and not purchase one off the lot, so you can get just what you want. Not, I like that one and find out you missed out on some options you wanted because it's pretty and the salesman is pushing the sale. I got a really good deal ordering a new truck (just what I wanted) because the dealer new the truck was gone the next day it arrived on the lot, so his money wasn't tied up in inventory. He made money and I got a deal.

I worked construction for 30 years as a union worker and I was laid off 4-6 times per year. Just the nature of the job and not my work habits. I always had cash reserves of about 1 year wages in the bank. Now a days with the economy a cash reserve is mandatory. You never know if you get laid off, sick or injured, and even worse disabled and can't work.

Believe me I spent my share of money on things that i thought i needed (wanted) but I am glade I have a good pension and money in the bank. I know that I can live conformable into my 80's and not have to worry about paying my bills. If I die before that time, then my sister will be a very happy person.

Money saved now is money to spend when you really need it. I not saying, be a cheep person, just spend your money wisely and enjoy life.

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