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Originally Posted by maust1 View Post
When I lived in Killeen (out side Ft Hood) I had an issue with a soldier that would speed BETWEEN my 4 kids as they were walking home. I finally caught him and yelled at him to stop. He did. Him and his Buddy get out of the truck cussing and yelling. I simply say those are my kids and I dont appreciate the way he is driving. He says oh so this is how you treat the people who defend you country comes in my yard and shoves me. This is when I pull my 45 forms my rear holster put it in his eye and say I have fought this war too and they didn't hurt my family. Your going to have a hard time exposing this confrontation to your San Maj. When I let the punk up he and his bitch of a buddy (who did nothing to help him ran off. I looked up his unit patch called his Col and explained the exact situation to him and allowed my oldest to account for how many times he did this. 2 weeks later he was moving on base and I never saw him again.
Unreal. I just do not get how you can drive that way when you know kids are around. Well, maybe he will think of your .45 in his face the next time he is driving and sees a bunch of kids!
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