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Originally Posted by adventurer View Post
I ll do that tomorrow but what about the codes p0871(OD PRESSURE SWITCH RATIONALITY) and p0882(TCM POWER INPUT LOW) ?
I'm assuming those are related to the OD solenoid "disappearance," but hard to say. I would expect P0760 to set first, but obviously if the PCM turns on the (non-existant) OD solenoid (to check the OD pressure switch) then the pressure switch won't respond either, so that may explain the P0871. P0882 means there was no 12V power feed from the trans relay, but that is normal if you're in limp-in (and P0760 or P0871 will put you into limp-in), so that may also be related.

In any event, you definitely need to change to a 2010-style solenoid module, so do that first, and see if it fixes everything. If you still have the other faults after replacing the solenoid, post again and we'll take it from there...
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