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Originally Posted by Remerson228 View Post
I just searched DealerConnect for any outstanding TSB's and can't find any info on either problem. I haven't seen or heard of either of these problems as of yet, but we haven't had many problems with the '09-'10 models or the 545RFE. Occassionally we have had to put in a torque converter due to shudder on lockup. Are you sure your problems aren't related to the MDS kicking on and off?
Hello Remerson,
thats a good question on the MDS budd, because now that i think about it, it seems to coralate with the MDS going in an out. (my 5.7 hemi rt charger is nothing like this truck... my rt is super quiet in an out of MDS mode, absolutely no tranny issues, no noise`s at all from anywhere) Whenever you put the trans in manual mode, you dont hear the noise, but also, the OD dosent come on in maual mode either... BUT after going back to AUTO mode and when i see the ECO light turn on in the EVIC, shortly after that, you hear the noise come back. Slight gas pedal pressure does effect it. Soon as you push a little gas, the noise instanly disappears, and so dosent the ECO lite, but thats supposed to do thatbecause it goes back into 8cyl mode at that point. Its definately a shuddering kind of sound... i really cant describe it any better other than it sounds like a bad A/C compressor shuddering/rattling. I was hopeing is WASNT an issue with the torque converter because i DONT want ANYBODY touching this truck unless it leaves me stranded... i`ve been thru WAY too many dealer nightmares, and not just with cars/trucks, motorcycle dealers too. I have no faith in them anymore, so i am always gonna have my guard up whenever around them. Here`s a for instance for you.... i just took the truck in for its first oil change, the guy brought out BULK filled jug`s of oil to put in my truck... i asked him WTF are you gonna do with that reconditioned oil...?!?!?!?!... he said he was going to dump it in my truck. Well i guess you knowwwww what i told him to do with that bulk reconditioned oil...! I made him go back to the parts department and get brand new mopar oil in brandnew sealed jugs. And people wonder why their HEMI`s are developing ticking noise`s...?!?!?!?!?!

As for the exhaust rumbling, i`ve read on couple other dodge truck forums that they`ve had issues with exhaust on these new 4th gen trucks... if it gets any worse, you can bet ther will be a custom exhaust installed

Ok, i think i`ve givin ya enough to read for a couple
....and thankyou very much for chimeing in here...your help is gladly appreciated....!

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