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Originally Posted by Remerson228 View Post
The hemi tick is what it is. I've never heard one that doesnt do it. The reason the MDS kicking in and out is more prevelant in the trucks is because it uses the 545 RFE. The NAG transmission in the LX bodied cars does a better job of masking the MDS activation. Regardless of what brand oil you choose, make sure it's 5w-20 as it is critical for proper MDS operation. In case you weren't aware, your engine also has variable cam timing.
I think i can agree with you about the 545RFE vs the NAG trans in the LX cars and the masking
The truck is still very much brand new yet, so maybe i should do a little more investigating on the noise issue... i`m just not totally sold on the idea that its a normal noise that i`m hearing, especially when i drove some other hemi trucks identicle to mine, and they dont have the noise i`m hearing in mine.

On the other hand, the exhaust rumbling is somethin i`ll have to deal with right away, as it just drives me crazy... gives me a headache with all that droneing sound waves.

Yes, i know about the variable cam timing... (2009VVT and the 2010VCT)
And YES i agree, a good oil (5w20) is a definate must for ALL the hemi`s
I am by the book about ALL my vehicles...! Service interval`s as well...!
I even made the mechanic look up the torque spec for the oil drain plug (which is 25ftlbs) and made him use a torque wrench to tighten it. Some people call it anal, i call it the correct way to do things. Torque spec`s are there for a reason, so why not do it right the first time.

As for the other person questioning the re-conditioned oil (at my dealer), that has and IS going on at most places you get your oil changes done at... its called profit, thats why they do it. If you dont watch them put your oil in, you will most likely get re-conditioned oil... so be alert...! Most of your JiffyLube`s, and all of the McDonald`s fast food oilchange places ALL use re-conditioned oil across the whole country. This guy actually brought out the oil in used mopar oil containers... can you believe THAT BS...?!?!?!?!?! I told him, "OH HELL NOOOO, you go get brand new containers that havent had the cap/seal broke open on them...!" They had been useing old mopar oil containers and just refilling them with re-conditioned BULK oil from a 55gal drum located in their parts room... the labels on the old mopar containers were just about rubbed clean off, otherwise had i NOT seen them, i would NOT have known the difference...! Thank god i was standing there watching them...!

Heyyyy, thanks again guyz, any more ideas, just toss`m out at me...
i`d love to figure this out before i have to go back to ANY dodge dealer`s...
as i much prefer to do my own work, warrantee or not, i`m the only guy thats gonna make sure the truck is 100 percent perfect when the work is done on it. Nobody will ever do the work to your own personal standards like YOU will. Some people really dont care how they work on YOUR car. Its MY money, MY truck, MY way.

You might be able to bullshit your way to the top, BUT, it wont keep you there

Never believe what you hear, and only half of what you see

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