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Very informative; thank you. This proves what I've been dreading for the past three months. Everything you described in your original post describes my front end on my '06 1500. Local tire shop (to remain nameless due to their stupidity on repair info) told me the lower left ball joint was bad. OEM with only 35,000 miles so I asked what it would cost to replace all four. Guy says, "why all four? only the left bottom is bad." Needless to say I'll never be going back there. The cost isn't too bad, $50 apiece, and I have the tools to remove and install them but my suspension looks much heavier than the stock pics I've seen online. I was told by the dealer that it had a leveling kit on it but I haven't had that confirmed yet. I bought ball joints at the local Autozone but when I got them home and compared them to what is in place they were completely wrong. Autozone says thats all they show for my year. Guess I'll have to take it somewhere else and see if they'll help me with the info I need.
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