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Originally Posted by HEMI5150 View Post
Yup, i knew that...
well anyway, when i build/manufacture a bike for a customer, they get a dyno print out of real hp/trq measured at ther rear tire so they KNOW up front exactly what they`re buying. Too bad ALL the manufacter`s dont do that... that would be more to the truth of hp/trq numbers as the end user result, now wouldnt it. I myself dont care whats at the crank, i would MUCH rather know whats at the tires/pavment when i stab the throttle thru the headlights.

Rock on...!
I hear you. The numbers used by manufacturers is misleading. But is is the "standard". Much like in the motorcycle world they use dynojet dyno numbers. And those are much higher than other dyno numbers. After years of racing and building motorcycle race motors, I have just come to the conclusion that the dyno is a tuning tool.

But back to the original thread. The hemi puts 325hp to the ground, and my chevy made 315 at the crank. As everyone could imagine, my Dodge FEELS alot more powerful throughout the entire rev range. Bottom end torque to top end horsepower.

I am not really a cheerleader type. I think all of the truck manufacturers have good products. And when I made my decision to spend $45,000 on a new truck I did it carefully and looked at ALL of the options. 2 months later, I am still glad I bought the dodge.

Now, I have a predator tune in mine and I would like to get it tuned in the spring. What should I look for in a dyno tuner?
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