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Be sure to look at a DODGE service manuel specific to YOUR truck and year because dodge is famous for many different things with their front AND rear differentials over ALL years.

Also filling to the "Fill Plug" until it starts to drain out is NOT always the correct procedure...! (some require LESS oil...!)
Not all differentials are created equal when it comes to service`s and interval`s.
Do yourselves a favor, use fresh new factory lubes that they came with everytime.
An overfilled differential will blow past the oil seals... then the cryin starts

All these people using all the over priced guru oils, think about it...
if it were that good, the MoCo`s would have installed it in ther in the first place.
They`re NOT going to install inferior lubes just to have to replace your drivetrain later on under their dime.
Save your money, change oils,lubes,filters when the service manuel recommends and you cant go wrong.

I`m not a big fan of synthetics BUT i will use them where the manufacture tells me to.
I read in here how some of the guys run their oils 10,000+ miles...(you got to be kiddin me) then wonder why they have problems later on.

So i`ve been told.... and i use to use it
AmsOil = AmericanMilitarySurplus oil
Geez, one would think you could buy it cheaper being that we paid for the military to buy it from us to start That sh*t is actually made for jet engines anyway.

I stopped using Amsoil when i found that my engine ran quieter with the factory oil back in it.
You guys with the MDS hemi`s, i`d stop using FULL synthetics in the engines if i were you...
its NOT recommended for the MDS engines.
Show me where its recommended by the MoCo, and i will stand corrected.
If you use synthetics, you better make sure you`re using the recommended oil filter for synthetic oil useage.

Anyhow, my 2cents dont meen much... but just i`d thought throw it out there anyway

You might be able to bullshit your way to the top, BUT, it wont keep you there

Never believe what you hear, and only half of what you see
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