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Originally Posted by will View Post
why was your rear end replaced at only 500 miles?
I've got a '09 R/T and my rear gears had to be replaced within a few thousand miles too. The pinion seal leaked, we caught it, and they "fixed" it. Then it leaked again, I didn't notice, and it ran dry and destroyed the gears.

They tried to say it was due to my "driving habits"

I don't care how I drive it, the seals shouldn't be going twice within 1k miles of each other. Talking to guys that have worked at the axle plant, I'm more comfortable with the gears done by the dealer

I want a tune too, and I'll pry go the same route... Diablo hand held tuned locally on a dyno. The guys have issues are using canned tunes. In their defense, Diablo hasn't been very helpful.
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