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Originally Posted by DarthRam View Post
Around 89 or 90 I had a 1981 POS Ford Farmont. I went to a local music store to pick up a Pink Floyd CD. I parked in a city owned metered lot. Put a quarter in and went into the store. I came out and got in my car. I pulled the plastic wrap off and started reading the liner notes. In the spot next to me pulls in a POS mini van with a different colored driver door. That should have been a clue.

This lady gets out and slams her door into my passenger door. It was loud. I look over and she has her door jammed against mine as she is digging in her purse as it sits on the drivers seat. I open my door and get out.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?!?"

She looks over at me and says "What do you mean?"

"You just slammed your door into my car. You now have it jammed up against my car. What the f*$k?"

"There is no need to cuss at me. I didn't see you there."

At this point I lose my shit. "What do you mean 'You didn't see me there'? So, because you didn't see me it is OK to slam into my car? And by the way cussing was invented for people like you. Now close your fu@*ing door so I can leave or I'm taking your door with me!"

"A$$hole." she says as she slams her door and walks away. Her door had a crap load of dings in it.

You should be able to punch people like this twice a year as a freebie.
Lmao! Nice one, Dave.

About 8-9 years ago, I went to my local 7-11 in my old Dakota to buy some (YUP) beer. When I came out, there was a POS car parked about 20" from my passenger door. I thought: "How in the F*ck did this Jerk not ding me getting out of the car?"

My inner-self took over. I started the truck, backed up a bit, and slid the truck back into the spot getting to within about 10" of his drivers door.

When he came out with his booty of nachos & soda, He looked bewildered at first, then looked at me and said, (OK ready for this) "Why the hell did yo park so close to me?"

Well, this is not the NHB section, so I will just leave it to the imagination my response. Suffice it to say, not his best day.
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