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Default Terrible Tuesday

Well, it is now Wednesday so I'm glad it's the end of a day. Since it's 2:13AM here then I guess Tuesday has been over for a while, although it was a real pain in the ass. Here's my events of Tuesday, January 19th.

I started off my day late, with my FWB calling me in the morning to wake me up. I had to drop my Audi off at the dealership to get a battery replacement under warranty. Well, I charged the battery last night so I knew it was full. This morning, it was dead again which pissed me off. So right from the start I wasn't happy. Luckily I had my cables close-by and my '08 Ram 3500 was right beside my Audi, so I just boosted the bitch. Okay, now off to the dealership. Dropped off the Audi, got a shuttle ride home and on the way home I passed by one of my prospective clients. Only problem was one of my competitors had his roofing crew up on the roof, so I knew right away I lost my bid with that client. It would have been a gravy job, enough for me to make up for some downtime we've had with the weather. There goes about $5,000 worth of profit right there. An easy job that would have took our crew two days max, gone to another company who I'm certain underbid us. I can't say that I don't have negative feelings towards my prospective client, but I knew that they could afford to go with me, but instead they chose someone much cheaper. Oh well, I hope their roof leaks sometime soon. So when I got home I was really disappointed. So I took my '08 Ram 3500, drove down to the jobsite, switched trucks with my leadhand and took the '03 Ram 1500 to the bank to do some banking. On the way there I was busted by the police for having blue lights. My headlights aren't blue, they are Kydos with a slight blue tint and a simulated 6300k colour temp. My foglights, however, are aftermarket with a blue lens, and I replaced the original halogen H3s with SMD LED H3s that emit much lower light but a much whiter light, which combined with a blue lens gives it a blue glow. The cops didn't like it and gave me a $120 ticket. S**t. Well, there goes a tank of fuel. So I went to the police station right after to pay for the ticket, and I waited for about 20 minutes before I was seen by an officer. The officer then told me that I can't pay for the ticket there, and I have to go to a driver licensing centre. Son of a bitch! Waited all that time for nothing. Keep in mind it's probably around 12:00PM noon now and I still haven't had breakfast. I'm so hungry my gastric acids are starting to eat away at my stomach lining and I'm feeling light headed. So I went down to the driver licensing centre, pay off my ticket, flirt with the receptionist a bit and I'm on my way. I pick up my FWB from the mall, and we had downtown to have some nice Japanese food. I was in such a rush to eat and I was so hungry I forgot to plug money into the parking meter. I come back and there's a $70 ticket on my windshield. Son of a bitch. Can this get any worse? Well, I head back to the jobsite, things look well and we finish up for the day several hours later. I go home, take a nap and hope that Wednesday will be much better. S**t!

BTW: I don't know if I should've posted this here or on the Off-Topic section so Mods please move this as you see fit.
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