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I detail a few cars a week, the basic engine cleaning goes something like this.

Lightly hose everything in the engine. No need to cover anything as long as your weather seal on fuse box and relay box is good and the covers are on.

Find an old sponge(I usually have one that I use on engines and tires/wheels). Mix up a separate bucket of soap and water (Not to be mixed with soap to wash car). If the engine is really greasy and dirty, use a good dish soap water mixture first. Then finish with standard car was soap.

Wash everything in the engine down with soapy sponge. A cool engine is ideal so you can clean heads and headers ect. Clean everything until you think your pretty much done and your satisfied with how it looks.

Lightly rinse everything in the engine that you cleaned. If you missed any spots grab your sponge and clean em again. Finish up make sure you get all your suds out.

Grab an air compressor and a high pressure nozzle, blow off all the electrical stuff first. Then move on to the other components try to get as much water off as you can with the Air.

Grab an old shop towel and finish drying everything off.

Grab some armor all original and spray down all the plastics, rubbers, hoses weather seals, moldings ect. Using another old towel or some kind absorbent paper towels(blue shop towels work great) Wipe down everything thats has armor all on it to make it have a smooth shine and not drenched.

Let it sit for 10-15 mins while you clean something else or just wait. Then start it up and let it run for 10-15 mins or so. Turn off the AC/Heater blower inside the car and leave the hood open while letting it run. Basically if you got any over spray from armor all on any metals that get hot or missed some suds it will burn it off. It will vent it out rather then driving around getting the smells inside the car.

Thats about it. Hope this helps for everyone.
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