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I got everything put back together and filled with lube. I installed a new speed sensor and I also installed a new rear u-joint and test drove it today.

First thing I noticed right off the bat was that my speedo didnt work, it didnt work before I installed the new speed sensor either....anyone know what it could be?
I didnt have any vibrations or clunks or anything like that when driving it. I did notice a faint noise when driving 35mph+ it got a little louder the faster I went. It was a noise that sounded like a truck with big tires going down the highway. I am going to included some pictures of the truck with the tires I have on it, you guys think these tires would make noise like that?
And of course now that I have the rear-end done the radiators leaking

Heres a little info for you dirtsurferus on what I used to rebuild the rear-end.

It took me most of the winter but thats because I didnt have all of the tools before I started.
I bought a new Yukon Ring and Pinion, a master rebuild kit which includes all the bearings and races and went to o'reillys and got axle bearings and seals. I also bought a Mopar Performance crush sleeve which are not the ones to get.
The oem style crush sleeves take 300+ ft. lbs to crush. So after fooling around with that for a few days I was worn out trying to crush it and used the one that came with the master rebuild kit, it was made by ratech and only required around 120 ft. lbs to crush. Wish I woulda known that sooner.
I also bought a pinion bearing installer tool, it basically fits over the pinion and you can hammer the bearing on with it. If I were to do it over again I would definetly buy a pinion bearing remover just in case I would need to change shims.
I had to buy a tool that fit in the axle tubes to turn the adjuster bearings, a big punch to tap out the axle bearing races, an axle seal and race installer, a tool to hold the yoke when tightening the pinion nut, and of course a backlash measurement device.
Theres quite a bit required to do this job. Definetly buy all the tools before you tear it down.

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