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I'm thinking my problem is the driveshaft, too. We've

1. replaced two tires in the rear,
2. done two road force balances,
3. indexed the wheels,
4. checked the wheels for run out looking for a bent wheel, and,
5. rotated rears to front to see if it's still bouncing. No bounce in the front, rear kept bouncing.

I took it to the dealer early last week to have them check it over...the result was "Cannot Duplicate Customer Complaint".

So my trip to SoCal and Arizona has been a bumpy one for sure.

I'm going back to the dealer next week after I get home and, with warm tires so they can't blame those; take the tech for a drive at freeway speeds.

It can't be RPM related. It's gotta be vehicle speed related as it seems to kick in around 60 - 65 mph regardless of RPM. It settles out a bit around 70 but it's still there and damned annoying.
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